What I want back is what I was.

“Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.”
― Aristotle

Part Russian, all crazy.

Adella Bellesova, approaching the big 30. Disenchanted, former urban explorer and professional witch bitch. Current competition winning poet, failing violinist and advocate for physical disability.

Years on the streets + incompetent mental healthcare and worse physical healthcare= vodka, possibly the oldest equation known to mankind. I write sonnets and tragedies, and bitch about the state of the world a lot. I fight the battles I’m a part of.

If I’m not writing about your war it’s because it’s not my place to/I’m not a part of it. Mainstream socialists will tell you racism is the only evil in the world: they are wrong.

People who believe the NHS is to be applauded haven’t suffered it.

I treat most with the disdain they have earned, trust no one and often long to be invisible again, but some stories need to be told. All of the names are accurate, and I have audio recordings and/or paperwork to back up my posts.

Come get me.