Violin Girls

we, the hurricane

beating on windows

when all we knew was the rain

perhaps we should have been snow

to freeze the hearts that froze us

poison in our throats

flowing as a pus

we bled through our crimson coats

for all the tears we flooded

world, misunderstood

we were the hunted

butterfly girlhood

innocence that fled the storm

a life we could never warm

we, the broken windowpane

bailing out dreams with buckets

but nightmares remained

while we danced, puppets

strings tied to a trust

that fled with our faith

when the sky began to rust

the graceful sun sighed in death

we were left blooded

by wounds we didn’t ask for

flesh splitting, hurried

as cold fire began to thaw

nowhere left to go

no footprints left to follow

perhaps we’ll turn into snow

and fall far from any dawn.

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