Without You (A Poem)

If I had known that without you

my edges would snap together

as each drop of your poison oozed

from my heart; light as a feather

Is this freedom feels- alone

Without a sense of loneliness

The loss of something infernal

that fades the way painted doors do

I close this one: final, endless

My foundations are any stone

in a garden of loveliness

and Eden is not still the same

but butterfly leaves still flutter

Crunching battalion chorus

The sun in her gentleness, warm

is still draped around my shoulders

Stone angels- halos- aurora

Faces I know from memory

Impervious as time passes

the weathered but fearless watchers

A row of gentle smiles for me

Feathered protectors, eternal

Those who wait somewhere below us

You are fragile as the glasses

That shatter under candle flame

only to be scattered by rain

If their storms should carry you home

In lightning strikes you see better

Take a moment for all that you see

Never forget, and always know

that in another name or moon

they will never settle your bones

beneath the same singing grasses

Although seasons and people change

I breathe easier without you

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