I spill these words

as blood

so that others need not bleed

Perhaps a resolution

in the form of revolution

shall spring from an artery

Frozen on cold nights

when the boat lights

and towers flooded with illumination

were new constellations

Where the poisoned air

thrums with all the radioactivity

that being human entails

Our toxicity

the thrill of a shark moving in

right before they breach to kill

And tunnels scream with memory

of acts better left undone

by time and sense of decency

The ground littered still

with remnants of revenants

Those fallen to the city

and her restless, greedy claws

Some of us rise

Others, detritus, mountains

built from hope and misery

fading as butterflies do

into some unknown sun

Some of us have risen

while others linger in her maw

and revel in the sting of teeth

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