Old Friends

A bloody heart in hand

is worth two on the plate

Like madness

when it spills over

leaving bright splatters

Desolate smearings of paint

But no brush on earth

Nor ink and feather pen

ever convince the voices to abate

A bloody sadness

drawn from your wounds

and scars that never seem to fade

A voice in the dark

worth consideration

A bittersweet spark

woven in part

from your sin and salvation

And if there is no end

to the whispers in your mind

If this is damnation

it might pay to embrace it

as a lover

a family

a friend

A light that goes out

The filament gone

the way the dinosaurs went

Volcanoes and comets

Supernovas in a black sky

aren’t bright or strong

as the fire raging in your head

When all is said and done

and reality has fled

Truth is

Madness is constant

Sadness is solid

At least it’s not slippery ground

and given the world

and all that she holds

cradling this newborn death

There are much worse places to drown

3 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. Hello dear Della. I love your work. You make the reader believe and understand your words and thoughts. I know, it is hard to bleed to paper. But, the hardest and the best words are the teachers to others. I love your photos and have some fun/be careful.


    1. Thank you so much lovely! I have been sans internet a while but I’m back 🙂 I find writing therapeutic! I unfortunately don’t have a youtube but if you message me I’m happy to add you on whatsapp and spam you with my practices we have a group chat for that now :’)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello dear Della. I don’t have a whatsapp yet. My daughter trying to make me get one. Writing and reading. I need. Therapeutic for me too. Good to have met you and I hope to read more.


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