You blazed; the meteor
Extinction event
Alighting each page in my book
save the prologue
Perhaps to escape a goodbye.

You strode with cunning
the tiger skimming cream
from the tops of stolen, suburban bottles
Half frozen as birds in December branches
in blushing dawns’ indignity.

The scars your claws left
on what remains of me
lash your tongue to the ice.

Your glance broke the chain
A collision course, inevitable
The momentary impact of light
weaving fabric from all left behind…

that which we could not take with us.

Wreckage and a horde of rats
Once we shared their skin
Built to endure
until the day we weren’t
You smiled and scattered pennies
Fish scales flashing in water

Each a snapped vine of a broken promise
Now the ivy cannot restrain my heart
or the tears that close
over my everything, as a pillow smothers
the mothers’ madness and weeping.

I hoped you’ve learned
I wasn’t yours for keeping.

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