Poetry from lyrics

You’d imagine I have enough on my plate, between violin grades, a new ballet teacher and two rescue songs. Oh, and my vocal coach may strangle me if I don’t record today.

So I decided to begin a new poetry project.

I found myself inspired in great part by Ryan Westwood, a fantastic singer and songwriter. You can check him out here. Last year Ryan turned one of my shorter poems into a beautiful song. After listening to Taylor Swifts’ new albums and admiring the poetic lyricism set against a backdrop of simplicity, I began to wonder about the reverse.

I aim to write a poem based on one of my favourite songs each day this year. I am that antisocial bitch who always has her headphones on unless I’m practicing violin or find myself forced into being social when I’d rather be in my own little bubble. I’ve always seen music as my greatest source of inspiration, especially when writing. I must have a thousand playlists for different writing projects stored in my notebooks and slipped into the pocket of my writing bag.

I intend to try to keep both the spirit and rhythm of the song (using meter) intact while giving it a twist and adding to the story. I believe it will be an interesting journey and will give my writing muscles a good workout. How do you create something brand new while remaining true to the original source? Let’s find out! I intend to write a follow up to this post in a week or two describing the process I’ve come up with so far. I will be posting each poem to the blog (unless they’re awful) and I would appreciate any feedback provided! The posts and poems for this project will feature the tag ‘lyrical poetry’. I will, with each poem include a link to the song that inspired the piece so you can get a feel for the original versus my take.

I will (for obvious reasons) not be using any solely instrumental pieces for the project as I want my words to reflect the lyrics yet become something new and different.

I should point out that these are derivative works and no copyright infringement is intended; I do not intend to sell any of these works, it’s more of an experiment and writing exercise.

I should also warn you that I have a wildly eclectic musical taste, and at some point you’re going to get rickrolled.

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