It feels like a fall (poetry from lyrics project)

I once fell on a sword
They said bye, bye beautiful.

It wasn’t my blade
The sudden sting
of a strange, silver wasp
brought me to my knees.

They said bye, bye beautiful
In death you are a symbol

Years of cheeks turned
towards the forgiving sun
while flowers bloom in the night
They have their reasons
The days’ illusion
of light
is a painful memory
to those who once knew
a breath of spring and buttercups
but now only believe
in the night.

The sake of others
and their mediocrity
belongs not to the velvet plants
or their weeping stems.
But to those with knives
and mouths curved in falsity
More dangerous than any wound
Wolves wearing smiles
behind eyes that brim

Dams of false sympathy burst
to drown us in the riptides
Each of us a ghost

They said bye, bye beautiful

And the mountains climbed
begin to crumble
The genuine tears corrosive
as a prize-winners’ stumble
Protectors, cowards
who would rather slip
Would rather trip
Who would skin us for our own
before risk the inferno
The burning fall

They said die, die beautiful

This piece is based on Bye Bye Beautiful, by Nightwish, from the album Dark Passion Play

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