What we take with us (Poetry from lyrics)

Stranded absent warnings

or sense of time

Dragons paint history in swirling flame

as the insects swarm us

with hair raising embrace of a million

Their own dreams

are but ash

and deserve no such name

But we are eternal

The surface of the moon

at the bottom of the endless sea

We are written in the tempest

Between life and death

Dreams and reality merge

A whirlpool of waves

shrugging off the frightened

rabbits who turned

from all that we see

While we are enlightened

by tragedy and the passage of years

What we take with us

are mirror shards pocketed

To cut us when we least expect

Miniature swords to fall on and into

Now we pulse as dying stars

Dancing only to our own drum

War faces gather in the fickle light

This piece was based on youth by foxes. I think this is a good example of what happens when the poem sort of, runs off in a different direction like a spooked horse, I’ll probably try a rewrite at some point.

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