Blue Smiles (poetry from lyrics)

Tell me where you picked up that blued steel smile
casting blinding sunbeams as you tremble
While flames traverse land; cheetahs sprinting miles
with each ballet grace flicker, you stumble
You cloaked mediocrity and regret
but we are the hunt; you are no monster

Blood beneath weeping skin does not forget
prey animals in grass, first responder
Epitomizing a baby birds’ flight
stumbling, fumbling into the spiders’ web
We thrive in burrows of ink, where no light
you, timid rabbit, we, who must be fed

Those of us nesting in bowers of bones
we are the monsters
Tragedy in tooth and claw brought us home

Never take the final step.

This piece was based on monsters featuring Xeah, produced by Tommee Profitt

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