Daily tarot draw- Justice

The card of the day is Justice, and she is, in an odd way appropriate given the events of the day. Justice is here to remind us that no matter how high the mountain or deep the lake, the scales will find themselves in balance once again. Note the soft blues and other light colours of the card that offer a sense of calm and gentleness juxtaposed with the stern face holding the scales themselves.

Most individuals afraid of the Justice card have something to hide and live in fear of their secrets seeing the light of day, or have built their foundation upon the sands of lies and deception.

Beware, for if you have skeletons in the closet they will see the light of day. It’s one small reason why honesty and an open mind and tongue are the best policies to live by. For those lacking the ability to live by their own ideals or adhere to any kind of authenticity, the card acts as a warning.
The truth will always out.

For those who feel run down, victimised or who are struggling with some obstacle created by corruption or depravity the Justice card is a ray of hope in a world of shadow. Though it may feel as though the darkness has swallowed the world everything ends, even the night. The world operates in perfect balance: winter to summer, blooming flowers to dying trees. It may take a lifetime or a year that feels as such, but believe me when I say that karma is a bitch and Justice is her big sister.

You cannot escape the scales the gods hold, or the tide of the universe as it works to right wrongs caused by the depraved, ignorant and rarely those who are genuinely evil. The Justice card is here to remind us that what goes around comes around again; life is a carousel that never ends but may briefly paused to expel those unworthy of the ride.

For some the Justice card represents a time to take action, to stand against those who have behaved callously and with little regard for the people and other creatures in their lives. The Justice card doesn’t want excuses or platitudes and has no place for gaslighting. Justice exists in the now and encourages us to bring the correct level of good versus bad to the world.

These results do not come about with complacency: this is a card that encourages action while offering reassurance that honesty within oneself and the world at large will bear fruit and that if the action and message are truthful, fruit will be born no matter how long it takes.

Everything. ends.

This is applicable to both the good and bad, but life is a game of swings and roundabouts. Life loves her little curveballs that much is obvious but with enough strength of will a path can be forged by oneself. However, if the path is corrupt or damages others whether via malicious intent or simple neglect the tax man will come calling at one time or another,

Sometimes Justice may feel wrong, for example informing a psychiatrist of the mind games a family member plays which leads to the involvement of social services. Or reporting a boss/other professional figure and while at first you may be beaten down with words and admonishments, the trick is to stay the course. We are conditioned by those who are abusive and fly in the face of the natural order to feel guilty when we take a stand against those who have wronged us; our current society is one that encourages a passive attitude and tells us to play down the wrongs done for the sake of peace and quiet. Do not lose hope. The universal force of Justice is impartial and cares only for what is good and right, and bringing the world back to the correct order.

I.e. if you’re a shit human, best start running for all the good it’ll do you.