tie rags to a stick: pack your shit
you took me as a fool
but I’m the rabid dog that bit
the hand that offered vanity
your medicine turns you to stone
can’t catch knives but you tried to throw
when I took aim
I didn’t stop til I hit bone
blood lost along with sanity

life is a barn door you missed
it’s only toads you’ve ever kissed
and I hold the weight of my worth
not in silver or gold
my breaths are paced out by merit
not by the way you measure it
each emotion ‘pitching a fit’
so get off of my boat
we simply don’t have a spare berth

if you wanted to play the game
you should have chosen
a swan with a little more shame
no ballerina wrapped in stars
no princess will declare for you
the faery spread her wings and flew
beyond the dawn
far from the vile, simmering stew
with which you debase the word ‘heart’

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