Adella Natasha Bellesova


I know you tried to change the ending

May the bridges you burn light your way.


Adella Bellesova is a Russian/Irish/English poet and violinist, which goes some way to explaining her love of sharp objects and the knee jerk response to cuss someone out for the most minor offense.

When she’s not blogging or crying about wood grain, you can find her in the fields and woods, crawling into abandoned buildings and roaming around with her two rescue dogs despite the doctors’ orders to take it easy.
Best described as a barrel of angel dust mixed with bath salts, or perhaps a fireball shotgun round, I’ve considered myself lucky to consider her a friend longer than most (and we both know too much of the other).

While she can seem abrasive at times, and even hostile, if caught in a mellow mood she’s of a similar consistency to the half baked ben and jerrys she calls me raving about at two am. Pro weed, pro free will and pro single combat she prefers to keep to herself besides a small circle of close friends.

Her other hobbies include witchcraft, dancing in graveyards and hoarding vintage dresses. She lives close by with her dad, dogs and two insane tarantulas who make her own violin neurosis look like a mild case of confusion. She’s one of the most stubborn people you’ll meet, and over the years has learned to recognize when people are attempting reverse psychology, purely so she can haul ass in the very direction you didn’t want her to go.

She’s also funny on occasion, and full of laughter. She spends too much time worrying about others, and caring what people think. She had no idea what to write for her about page and so naturally I got suckered into it. She is fond of the little things: good food, good company and excellent liquor.

I dare imagine if anyone turned up with a bottle of Jack Daniels they’d find themselves spread over the sidewalk like a jam sandwich, which is why I only ever bring her Russian drink.

– Lav Morgan, 06.01.2021