Shit tier misanthropy

The Kiss

Her lips were nervous as a butterfly, unsure whether to alight or flit away into the sun. His were the bruised plums she longed to split open and taste, but with all the wariness of a wolf in winter her eyes found the rough, storm torn bark of the trees instead. Doubt was the wheel […]

No Fury

if you lift meinto the skysupernovaI’ll teach you to spread silver wings you bring rosesI press and keepas a secrettucked between sweet smelling pages they bear witnessto soft kissesand coffee cupswarming the winter chill we found loving the lakecautious, small stepsonto swans’ icewith willow branches of wind chimes but you burn me?I’ll strike a matchyou’ll […]

I promised

I promised onceto keep you closebut as fine wireI was cut by my oath I promised onceto help you shinebut tarnish remainslungs swimming in brine I promised onceto give you hopebut I am a wild horseand you were the rope I promised oncethe stars were brightbut you draw curtainsburned by the light I promised onceto […]

Remember Then

when the greenhas fadedinto the greya dawn of asha mother slainby the childrenshe gave allbefore columns of smokebefore asphalt chokedthe poisonthat triggered her fallwhen the oceanhas turned to stonejadedas those who passed her bywhen the rivers turn to dustforests flake and rustwith unslaked thirstand forgotten rainwhen the world is dryremember whenyou loved your steela four […]

Stray cats, stray thoughts

I am realfor the first timeand it hurtsI am tender asthe butterfly that fallswhen freshly burst I can feelfor the first timesinced the world burnedall I knowis freezing snowstinging meas hornetsblinding meas did my wrong turns I can seewhere I was blindand my stomach churnsthe end of the roadwas a circlewoven with sins and cloverthat […]

Doctors’ orders

He told me to scribble all of my hopes But when you’re a skeleton Limbs rattle and clank only to cause a flood of ink No real tears to cry or soft words remain to envelope bones Weathered by the years softened by the rain He told me to write down all of my dreams… […]

She matters

It’s endlessPhone off the hookA shark that swam awaybut still carries steeland will close teeth again before this dawn is over Receiver held carefullyas a venomous beastA voice of proprietybrings the doomAnother matterof lost strays and identity awaits beneath the bridge To protect and servethe rats scurry to and froBlinding uniforms and tapebegin to ice […]

Taming Demons

the girl without wingsthe monster under her bedfeet splintered by oakand the savage words she spoketemporarilybefore lightning struck her blind the familiarstrange somehow, as shadows’ depthis drawn into cutting edge the girl with no voicethe beast spinning songs of glorybedtime tales, bad girlswho throw their stones to break bonesbrittle ivorysoftened as she is by smoke […]

Detox and dreams (stream of consciousness incoming)

You never realize you’ve hit roads’ end until you run out of air and slam into the metaphorical brick wall that was always waiting beyond sight.They tell you that your years of self destructive inclinations and the years spent wasted in all senses have paid off, as you began to value the idea of life. […]


tie rags to a stick: pack your shityou took me as a foolbut I’m the rabid dog that bitthe hand that offered vanityyour medicine turns you to stonecan’t catch knives but you tried to throwwhen I took aimI didn’t stop til I hit boneblood lost along with sanity life is a barn door you missedit’s […]


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