In Dreams (Lyrical Poetry Project)

I have never seen a rainbow
that didn’t fade
but I have seen where the stars go
in evening shade

and in my dreams
I will forever call your name

lonely sky wraiths as reminder
we hearts are small
fragile thread for the book cover
glittering jewel

When the grim marble outlasts us
Once, we were here
What will remain? Stones etched with love
Once, we grew here

And in dreams
We dance together in the rain

And in the stories we’ll forget
sleeping wolves lay
We won’t spin the tales of regret
That blood soaked day

The beauty that we remember
Just ephemeral as embers

This piece is based on In Dreams by Howard Shore

Blue Smiles (poetry from lyrics)

Tell me where you picked up that blued steel smile
casting blinding sunbeams as you tremble
While flames traverse land; cheetahs sprinting miles
with each ballet grace flicker, you stumble
You cloaked mediocrity and regret
but we are the hunt; you are no monster

Blood beneath weeping skin does not forget
prey animals in grass, first responder
Epitomizing a baby birds’ flight
stumbling, fumbling into the spiders’ web
We thrive in burrows of ink, where no light
you, timid rabbit, we, who must be fed

Those of us nesting in bowers of bones
we are the monsters
Tragedy in tooth and claw brought us home

Never take the final step.

This piece was based on monsters featuring Xeah, produced by Tommee Profitt

What we take with us (Poetry from lyrics)

Stranded absent warnings

or sense of time

Dragons paint history in swirling flame

as the insects swarm us

with hair raising embrace of a million

Their own dreams

are but ash

and deserve no such name

But we are eternal

The surface of the moon

at the bottom of the endless sea

We are written in the tempest

Between life and death

Dreams and reality merge

A whirlpool of waves

shrugging off the frightened

rabbits who turned

from all that we see

While we are enlightened

by tragedy and the passage of years

What we take with us

are mirror shards pocketed

To cut us when we least expect

Miniature swords to fall on and into

Now we pulse as dying stars

Dancing only to our own drum

War faces gather in the fickle light

This piece was based on youth by foxes. I think this is a good example of what happens when the poem sort of, runs off in a different direction like a spooked horse, I’ll probably try a rewrite at some point.

It feels like a fall (poetry from lyrics project)

I once fell on a sword
They said bye, bye beautiful.

It wasn’t my blade
The sudden sting
of a strange, silver wasp
brought me to my knees.

They said bye, bye beautiful
In death you are a symbol

Years of cheeks turned
towards the forgiving sun
while flowers bloom in the night
They have their reasons
The days’ illusion
of light
is a painful memory
to those who once knew
a breath of spring and buttercups
but now only believe
in the night.

The sake of others
and their mediocrity
belongs not to the velvet plants
or their weeping stems.
But to those with knives
and mouths curved in falsity
More dangerous than any wound
Wolves wearing smiles
behind eyes that brim

Dams of false sympathy burst
to drown us in the riptides
Each of us a ghost

They said bye, bye beautiful

And the mountains climbed
begin to crumble
The genuine tears corrosive
as a prize-winners’ stumble
Protectors, cowards
who would rather slip
Would rather trip
Who would skin us for our own
before risk the inferno
The burning fall

They said die, die beautiful

This piece is based on Bye Bye Beautiful, by Nightwish, from the album Dark Passion Play

Memory (poetry from lyrics project)

The ground was cotton candy
soft this winter
Flowers will thrive
in the long absence of stone
fed by our tears
So, so alive
A splash of fresh paint
on our peeling walls.

I would complain in the car
and on the ferry
It’s storming here, now, too.
For twenty years
You’d soothe the thunder
raging in me
Atlas holding the sky up
Quieting my fears
with stories and make believe
The worlds we built with words
and impossible dreams
bring me back to you.

Now suitcases and drawers
loosen their top buttons
Photographs make empty meals
when spread over the floor
Memories, faces
A laugh frozen in time
A heart running in places
beyond where we can follow
This year the ground is soft
and all we left behind
leave us as the fields this spring:

I loved you
the ways oceans love the beach
with a mixture of awe and frustration
A dance that does not cease
Even when I was a trapped fox
screaming into the wind
Even when I was far from reach
You’d wait by the shore
for my swells to subside
and voices to wash away with the tide
and wipe my sand from the toes.
As each wave would crash
over my mind
The same way we’d clash
Two lionesses with old bullet wounds
But now I am not healing
and you don’t string pearls onto my scars
You’re not here with me

This poem is based on Marjorie, from Taylor Swifts’ album evermore

– Dell

Poetry from lyrics

You’d imagine I have enough on my plate, between violin grades, a new ballet teacher and two rescue songs. Oh, and my vocal coach may strangle me if I don’t record today.

So I decided to begin a new poetry project.

I found myself inspired in great part by Ryan Westwood, a fantastic singer and songwriter. You can check him out here. Last year Ryan turned one of my shorter poems into a beautiful song. After listening to Taylor Swifts’ new albums and admiring the poetic lyricism set against a backdrop of simplicity, I began to wonder about the reverse.

I aim to write a poem based on one of my favourite songs each day this year. I am that antisocial bitch who always has her headphones on unless I’m practicing violin or find myself forced into being social when I’d rather be in my own little bubble. I’ve always seen music as my greatest source of inspiration, especially when writing. I must have a thousand playlists for different writing projects stored in my notebooks and slipped into the pocket of my writing bag.

I intend to try to keep both the spirit and rhythm of the song (using meter) intact while giving it a twist and adding to the story. I believe it will be an interesting journey and will give my writing muscles a good workout. How do you create something brand new while remaining true to the original source? Let’s find out! I intend to write a follow up to this post in a week or two describing the process I’ve come up with so far. I will be posting each poem to the blog (unless they’re awful) and I would appreciate any feedback provided! The posts and poems for this project will feature the tag ‘lyrical poetry’. I will, with each poem include a link to the song that inspired the piece so you can get a feel for the original versus my take.

I will (for obvious reasons) not be using any solely instrumental pieces for the project as I want my words to reflect the lyrics yet become something new and different.

I should point out that these are derivative works and no copyright infringement is intended; I do not intend to sell any of these works, it’s more of an experiment and writing exercise.

I should also warn you that I have a wildly eclectic musical taste, and at some point you’re going to get rickrolled.